Feeding Crane of Wisconsin
and Braun's Karate and Martial Arts

Is honored to welcome the return of

Grandmaster Liu Chang-I

Lineage Head of Shihequan Kung Fu
Grandmaster of Feeding Crane Kung Fu International (FCKI)

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   Feeding Crane Kung Fu has long been considered the "mother" modern day Karate. This martial art has been past down from father to son, now being taught by the current world Grandmaster; Shifu Liu Chang-I from Taiwan. 

 Part of the Chinese White Crane style of fighting, Feeding Crane Kung Fu is a ferocious combat art meant to stop the opponent within a few seconds. The focus is on bone breaks and targeting vulnerable points on the body, or disrupting the circulatory, neural, or respiratory systems.

   GM Liu is known to create incredible power from simple movements, Liu travels around the world to both demonstrate and teach others how to develop the ability to deliver the incredible kinetic energy (Thunder) that is characteristic of Feeding Crane Kung Fu.

   This seminar is open to everyone who is 10 years old and older. If you are a current martial artist, this seminar will increase your current speed, power, and overall skills. If you have no current training, we will show you all that you need to learn to form a basic understanding.
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1 Day Tickets:    $165
2 Day Tickets:    $215
$15 discount for all FCKI members
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