Andrew Woods
The Road to Black Belt
Picture Gallery of Andrew's Training Over the Years
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   BKMA has had the honor of training students for over 20 years. Many of these students have not been able to continue their training because of relocation, higher education, family, or other reasons. Because of this, and our strict requirements for training, no student has achieved the rank of black belt yet within our system. We have had many other black belts come to us and train, so some of our pictures will have people wearing a black belt in them, but these people are not ranked within SanHoDo Budo. Soon, we will hope this will change.
   Student Andrew Woods started his training with us at in 2009 at the age of 13. Woods came to us from another dojo. Over the past 10 years, Woods has moved into many of the different leadership roles that BKMA has to offer and many of the students have come to rely on him for support and training. Frankly, the dojo would be a different place without him. 
   He has been an active student within many of the martial art styles and seminars that we are able to have. For the last year, Woods has participated in both our weekly classes as well as private instruction to help him prepare for his Yudansha. 
   Starting this fall, Woods will start his testing to earn his Yudansha (a person that holds a black belt). This will be the first of many students but because he is laying the ground work, we are documenting every step along the way so that we can set the standards for future students. Check back often for updates and postings about this event and the man that we call Sempai Woods!

   Important information about our testing:

   All testing for Yudansha is broken up over three days, testing each area of their skills. The first two days, techniques and forms, are open to spectators with invitations. Day three, however, are focused on testing the student's combat skills and are not open to spectators. Following all testing there will be a ceremony and celebration open to all BKMA members, families, and friends. Once these days are scheduled they will be posted here if you wish to join us.