Links of Intrest
Please visit these other websites and show your support like we have.
Yin Yang Do Karate Association
Founder by Rev. Willian H. Foster

United States Karate-Do Kai  
Founded by Master Phillip W. Koeppel

Inner Spirit Martial  Arts Therapy
Founded by Sensei Sue McAley MA LPC

Larry Zamba Design and Photography
BKMA would like to thank Larry Zamba for many of the 
pictures found on our website.
Please visit his website to see what he can do for you!

Sho Shin Kan Martial Arts
Founded by Pat Weyand Sensei

Karate By Jesse
A website by Mr. Jesse Enkamp, someone that Sensei Braun met while in Okinawa. 
"Exploring the Art, Science, Knowledge & Culture of Karate Online!"

Martial Markers
Want to train at home but don't want to spend tons of money on training equipment? 
Check out this DYI site on making your own equipment.