How to join BKMA
and other FAQ

Where are you located?
  BKMA is located in different city parks and other building throughout the Kenosha area. Our main school is located at St. John's Lutheran Church at 3833-8th ave in Kenosha, WI. If you would like to come and visit us, please use the parking-lot and wooden door off of 8th ave (located directly behind the building). 
  We have other locations in the Kenosha area and one location at Westosha Central High School located in Salem, Wisconsin. Please visit our Class Times and Locations page for more information. 

What do I need to join?
   Everyone is welcome to attend any of our classes. If you enjoyed the class, you may sign up for a membership by asking the instructor for the the paperwork or by downloading it HERE. Membership fees can be found on our Payment page or by paying your instructor. BKMA does not have a "start date", so you may show up for classes anytime. 

What do I wear?
   Most students prefer to wear karate uniforms (or gis), but they are not required for beginner's training. The best thing to wear other than the uniforms is a pair of loose fitting pants (no jeans) and a t-shirt. 
  If you would like to get a uniform, please fill out one of our order forms found at our dojos or online.

How old do I have to be?
  Our age requirements are set on a student-by-student bases. Sometimes, a 4 year old does have the concentration to begin training and sometimes a 12 year does not. We ask that you and your child stop in and we can see what we can do for you.

Why are classes so cheap?
   When BKMA was first started, we were just a group of "friends" that wanted to hang out and train in the martial arts, sharing what each of us knew. More and more people heard about us and asked to join. Many of those people have always wanted to learn the martial arts but found it impossible because of financial reasons. We would never turn anyone way because of that want to focus on spreading our style to others, not trying to make a buck. Over 20 years later we host our classes at locations that require very little month rent from us (such as churches or city parks) and have student pay the minimal that is needed to operate a martial arts school. All of our instructors are volunteer and do it for the love of the art. To this day, if a student can't pay they will not be turned away. All that we ask is that they pay what they can when they can and help with alternative payment method (like cleaning the dojo). All of these arrangements will only be known between the student/parents involved and Sensei Braun. 

What will I learn besides kicking and punching?
   Our students will learn many skills that many people don't think of as a part of their combative skills. The main focus of the martial arts is to help our students become better citizen. This skills will include (but not limited to); leadership, manors, Verbal Tactical Training or VTT (a special certification that can be earned by students with training in de-escalation techniques in hopes to stop the fight through a peaceful means and not violence), and more. 

Are you a school for just kids or can adults join too?
  Even though most of our membership is made up of youths, adults are more than welcome to attend classes too. At this time, we do not have adult only classes. We do, however, encourage for parents to train side by side with their children.

What are the fees for training?
  Classes are kept as low as possible, focusing on training in the martial arts and not trying to make money off of it. Normally  classes are under $15 a month for unlimited classes during that month. That means for a monthly membership, you may attend every class within BKMA! There are also price breaks at 6 and 12 months and for the family. For a full list of our membership fees, please click here

What comes with my BKMA membership?
  You will receive access to seminars for either free or at a reduced price. For the full list of seminars and other events, check out our EVENTS page. 
  Also with your BKMA membership comes a free DVD with all of our kata/waza requirements, free belts and rank certificates. And as always, all of the classes within BKMA. 

Why so many different styles of martial arts? Can I pick just one or do I have to do them all?
  You may choose any or all of our classes to train in as long as you meet the requirements for that class. We believe that there is no one perfect style of martial arts and that a student must choose a main style and use others to fill in the weak points of that style.

Does BKMA train with any weapons?
Chick on the blue words to see pictures of the weapons that we are talking about.
   Yes, we do train in 4 different wooden weapons within our system. The first weapon that our students train with is the escrima sticks (baston). This is is taught from white belt through green belt. The second is chizikun-bo. These are taught at the blue belt level. At brown belt we teach kenjitsu, or sword training. Students will use the bokken for most of their training and gradually change over to a metal blade. The last one is a tanto, or knife. This is taught at black belt (1st degree).  
   Students are welcome to train in other weapons; in fact we host seminars on different  ones often by bringing in masters of Okinawan Kobudo.

What associations does BKMA belong to?
  BKMA has joined two different associations to provide our members with rank recognition, school support and better training opportunities. 
  The first one was founded by our style's grandmaster; the Yin Yang Do Karate Association. The second one is the United States Karate-Do Kai, under the direction of Grandmaster Phillip W. Koeppel.
  BKMA's founder, Christopher Braun Sensei, also is a co-founder of the Feeding Crane of Wisconsin, a martial arts club dedicated to spreading the art of Shihequan Kung Fu across America. He is also a founding member of the Feeding Crane Kung Fu International, lead by Grandmaster Liu Chang-I. Lastly, he belongs to the Shogun Federation of Martial Arts, lead by Gregg Brown Sensei. 
  To learn more about these groups, please click on their names to be brought to their individual websites.

How can I contact you for more info?
  You may stop in at any of our classes and talk to the instructor for more info. Otherwise, you can call us at 262-412-5942, email us or send mail to: 

Braun's Karate and Martial Arts
PO Box 231
Somers, WI 53171