Feeding Crane Kung Fu
   Feeding Crane Kung Fu, as taught by Grandmaster Liu Chang-I of Taiwan, is an incredible martial arts that is not for competitions. Its for the street.
   Feeding Crane is not showy. If you are looking for low, deep stances, spectacular high kicks and gymnastics, this is not your art. But what Feeding Crane lacks in grace it makes up for in brutal efficiency. It is unique. It is a time capsule of old fighting technique -- technique tested in combat and passed on to us over 12 generations through turbulent times. It is not always as pretty as Wushu (modern Chinese martial arts) but its techniques are very applicable to both self-defense and street situations.
   In technique, Feeding Crane is soft and hard, often softness followed by hardness. Softer circular movements are used to block, intercept and control attacks. The principle is to control the first attack and the attacker, not just to avoid, evade and counter. This is also the guiding tactical principle of most modern day Karate. But unlike modern karate, Feeding Crane uses natural stepping and postures guided by function as opposed to rigidly defined stances used by most of karate today.

Our Instructor:

   Christopher Braun Sensei is one of the leading instructors in the USA for Feeding Crane Kung Fu. Taught by Grandmaster Liu himself, Braun Sensei has developed a specialized approach to this art that has been given positive reviews by all that participate in his classes or seminars. 
   Braun Sensei is the current head of the US chapter of Feeding Crane Kung Fu International. For more information on this association or on Feeding Crane, please visit the FCKI website at www.feedingcranekungfu.org


Wednesday Nights from 6:30pm-8pm at a private location. Training is only offered following an application and interview. For more information or to seek training, please contact Braun Sensei at bkma_kenosha@yahoo.com or by phone (262-412-5942)