What can you learn at BKMA?
(the Way of Three Steps)
  After years of training in multiple martial arts, Braun Sensei has developed a way of helping students learn martial arts that is unique to our schools. SanHoDo is a martial art system that breaks down training into 3 different levels for the students. We have taken three of our major styles to create something that is not found in any other schools. Those three styles are our interpretation of Shorei Kempo Karate, a form of Okinawa Goju Ryu, Escrima, and Feeding Crane Kung Fu. Other styles can also be found such as Pancration, aikido and more. 
   Our advance students are also shown what lies beyond their techniques by teaching the science, philosophy, and more or the martial arts. 
(Feeding Crane Kung Fu)

   BKMA is one of the few schools in America that teach this increaditable martial art. Because many people have ask to learn this art in its pure form, we have dedicated classes to just this style.
   Taught to us by the  lineage head of the Liu family Feeding Crane system, Grand Master Liu Chang-I, Shihequan is a Southern Chinese martial art which originated in Fujian province and is now practiced throughout the world. It can be added to your already learned martial art or as an independent system.
  The system has been passed down unchanged in the Liu family, and contains a complete and traditional curriculum, including power development (kung’li), forms, application, chi’gung, body conditioning, as well as herbal medicine and other traditional practices.
   Feeding Crane is an internal and external system. Externally, Crane utilizes fluid speed movements within the body to produce the power of a whip lightning speed, accuracy and efficiency. Crane style is preformed from a state of relaxation, and then within a split second, 100% power is utilized when executing a move, and then back to relaxation.