Braun’s Karate and Martial Arts Academy (BKMA) is a club that teaches discipline and respect though the martial arts since 1996 within the Kenosha area. 
  Our understand of the martial arts is called Yoseikan Budo (養正館武道), or the study of a wide range of different martial techniques, philosophies and principles. We are a comprehensive martial art with ancient roots. Students learn a range of styles including karate, aikido, kung fu and more, giving the student a balanced training. All classes are taught in the traditional style that has worked for hundreds of years.
   Students will also learn more than just martial arts. We teach life changing principles like leadership, healthy living, and discipline that are carried over into all parts of life.
    We teach the students how to get out of fights without fighting, maintaining a way of peace above all else. We call this training Verbal Tactical Training (or VTT).  If the student must fight, with all other options gone, then doing only what is necessary to get away. 
   We also don’t believe that there is just one style of martial arts; only that by taking the martial arts from many different sources and making them into your personal style.
  After a student has learned a “base” style like Karate Do, we then look at the student’s weak points and find other martial arts that may help him/her. Remember, the samurais of old Japan did not train in just one style of combat. They trained in many different styles so that they were prepared for all areas of combat.
   The martial arts also easily adapts to a person’s body type, making it unique to that person. We learn what a person can and can not do and design a martial art program that best fits them. 
   Come as see for yourself what we can offer to you and your whole family. We have no age limits and parents are welcome to training side by side with their children. 

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                        Phone:        262-412-5942
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